Found Fruit

The fox offers a juicy pear. The bunny has learnt to be wary of found fruit and reacts poorly.


Banana Peel

The fox chuckles to himself. The banana that the bunny was enjoying so much has betrayed him, as he slips on the banana peel and goes flying.

When food attacks.

Pie Chart

The bunny brags that he's better at tetris. The fox curses the stupid awkward long blocks under his breath.

The long blocks are my favourite. The zig-zaggy ones are wrong and bad however.

New Friend

The bunny worries that the fox will spend all his time with the bluebird instead of him. The fox wonders what condiments would work best with fried bluebird.

A lot of extra emotion can be squeezed out of these little geometric guys with a simple rotate on all the face shapes.

Colour Swap

The fox is made pink, the bunny is made orange, horror and outrage! Neither of them are too impressed.

The power of CSS filters is pretty impressive. Recoloured these guys with a combination of hue rotate, brightness and saturation.